may 2017: sculpture commission

It’s always a wonderful vote of confidence when clients come back to commission further work.

In this iconic architectural home, our canvas was the wall along one side of a large open living space. Clad in sound-absorbing panels, the wall slants inward from half way to meet the ceiling above the first floor. Windows on all sides flood the space with sunlight.

The first challenge was to work out how to install any sculptures on the unusual wall design. The three weight bearing steel supports running at intervals along the wall could be affixed to, hence it was decided that three sculptures would be created. We designed a hanging system especially for these steel supports.

During a visit, the clients showed us a mounted deer which they had inherited. They found it too beautiful to discard yet too morbid to be displayed in their living space, so it had been tucked away in a corner of the basement.

This formed the seed of an idea for their sculpture commission. We wanted to create something which embodied the presence and nobility of such a statuesque animal within a layer of abstraction. What evolved were two horned creatures and a figure in the middle, leading the way.

The timber’s warmth gives the sculptures a sense of life and the concrete conveys the well-defined organic shapes of the horns. On entering the space now, our attention is drawn to the three figures which have a commanding presence.

It’s also interesting to observe the game the light plays on the figures, changing their expressions during the course of a day and over the course of the seasons.

What the clients love about the work is that “we each see something different in the sculptures. And each time we look –we see something new again”. It’s fantastic to hear the clients reflecting on their experience with the sculptures: “they are not static objects, they keep developing.”


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recycled timber and concrete sculpture, horned animal



sculpture tryptich 'sono venuti finalmente'

Sono venuti finalmente
Sculptor: Robbi Pittorino

Architect: Tim Wright, Wright Feldhusen Architects
Builder: James Muzone, Building With Options

Glenn Duffus Photography