pittorino designs – sculpture and furniture studio

We take inspiration from your brief to create something uniquely suited to you. By working with high quality materials, we ensure each piece is made to last.


residential projects

Objects have the potential to give us joy, inspire us and bring us together. They can transform the function of a space and make a celebration of our every day.

We will work with you to create an object with unique DNA. We hope it will be a treasured addition to your family.


corporate projects

We work with businesses to create something which is in tune with the culture of the organisation. It might be an iconic front desk, an unique boardroom table or a sculpture to serve as a conversation starter with clients.



Concrete, timber and stainless steel are our most loved materials.



Concrete presents a wonderful opportunity to be playful. To us, concrete is a beautiful stone whose composition and form can be entirely determined by the maker.

We can help you choose from a range of sands, aggregates and colour pigments to create different looks; and can manipulate this ‘liquid stone’ to take on new shapes.

We use precise calculations to minimise wastage and off-set some of the Portland cement with pozzolans. The use of pozzolans reduces our environmental footprint as well as improving the quality of the concrete.

Concrete is ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor usage.


We love timber for its warmth and the stories it tells. Many of our sculptural works are made from old wharf piles reclaimed from Sydney Harbour. The marina leaves its marks on the timber like wrinkles on a face, but just beneath the surface is rich, pristine turpentine and lifetimes of stories to be told.

Our furniture is made from recycled and sustainably harvested Australian hardwoods.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an elegant partner to concrete and timber. We can keep it straight and simple or play with curves. Stainless steel is light-weight, durable and sophisticated.


talk to us

Whether it’s the beginnings of an idea or an exact design concept, whether it’s a dining table, outdoor setting, benchtop or sculpture, we look forward to hearing from you!